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About Us

Whitestone Skills is a training and skill development institution that aims to develop future knowledge workers through market driven trainings by offering skill-based modules with a focus on technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

At Whitestone Skills, we define the future of education through our ground-breaking skill development programs. We are shaping tomorrow by developing learners with the courage to think differently, to break boundaries, to lead teams and enable positive change.

Whitestone Skills has affiliated with reputable institutions around the world to bring in global standards of learning solutions. Through our strategic partnerships, we execute and facilitate selected skill development programs from these world class universities.

The programs mould thinkers, equipped with practical knowledge, industry relevant skills with the capacity to act; they create a strong network of professional contacts and offer access to transformative opportunities; they challenge learners to practice and commit to continuous innovation and improvement. The programs continue over the course of a lifetime.

Education at Whitestone Skills is not about a grade, it is about skill development. We seek learners who commit each day to authoring the future they desire for themselves and for others.

We believe in a world of unlimited opportunities, where the potential for success is unlimited for those with talent, drive and ambition.



Whitestone Skills exists to bridge the skill gap in the labor market by offering the latest job-oriented training and providing access to quality global education.


Integrity - We are people of our word, with the courage to do what is right.
Curiosity - We challenge the status quo and take the initiative to pursue new ideas.
Humility - We are thankful for opportunities and are aware of our limitations.
Compassion - We empathize with and care for those around us.
Diversity - We respect all people and believe that difference should be celebrated.
Excellence - We set high standards for our own achievement and celebrate the achievements of others.


We aim to develop future knowledge workers through market driven training by offering skill-based modules with a focus on technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

The programs comprise a rich portfolio of professional skill development programs across Business & Management, Technology and Marketing. The expertly developed programs aid students and working professionals to enhance their capacity and fosters an environment of continuous talent development while helping to close the skill gap in the labor market.

Through our strategic partnerships, with leading global institutions, Whitestone Skills executes and facilitates programs In;


International Management & Business Program

Program Overview
This is a special program which will provide you with valuable knowledge and understanding across a range of management and business subjects.
The program is intended to offer a comprehensive foundation and inspire your interest in different management and business specializations.

The program is also to encourage you to continue studies with one of our affiliated universities abroad and gain a degree in the subject(s) in which you are most interested.
The content of this program is available in professionally printed and produced hard copy study manuals, study publications and as soft copy in PDF document which are included in the fee.
The program duration is 4 months and the entire cost is 250 US Dollars.

Modules in the Management & Business Program include:
> Business Management & Administration (Starting a Business).
> Business Economics & Commerce (Price, Demand and Pricing).
> Commercial Practice & Law (Law, Legal Systems, Contract Law).
> Management & Administration (The Functions of Management).
> Human Resource Management (Recruitment & Selection).
> Leadership & Team Management (Workgroups & Team Building).
> Health & Safety in the Workplace (The Environment, Accident Prevention).
> Sales Management & Marketing (Markets, Marketing, Research, Competition).
> Logistics, Materials & Supply Management (Logistics Strategy, Customer Service).
> Accounting & Finance (Interpreting Final Accounts, Break-even Analysis, Audit).

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Software Development (MIT Coding Program) and Entrepreneurship Program

Program Overview
MIT Coding Program gives you access to global opportunities by learning relevant technology skills and turning your innovations into software solutions.
This program trains learners on how to create Websites, Basic Databases and Mobile Apps in a structured format.

We offer practical, hands on training and you get personalized assistance from the facilitators. At the end, learners are expected to code and create an application based on their idea as a project before completion of the program. The program duration is 5 months and the entire cost is 250 US Dollars.

Modules in this software programming course include:
> Introduction to Mobile Programming.
> Website Development.
> Bootstrap Framework.
> Introduction to System Design.
> PHP.
> MySQL.
> Java.
> Android Programming.

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Digital Marketing Skills Program

Program Overview
This program is designed to empower leaners with Digital Skills to help improve employability and business growth. It provides leaners with a range of tools that are actively combined with daily opportunities to practice their technology and entrepreneurship skills.

The internet is an equal opportunity platform that opens up new markets and generates transformative growth.
Today, even the smallest businesses can seamlessly expand into new markets, reach a global scale and attain desired heights using the right tool. The digital Skills trainings are offered in-person and facilitated online with highly tailored content for job seekers and Small and Medium Sized Business (SMB’s).

Modules in the Digital Marketing Skills Program include;
Module 1: SMB;
> How to build an online presence.
> Digital Marketing.
> Hiring the right digital talent.

Module 2: Job Seekers;
> Job opportunities in the digital space.
> Introduction to machine learning.
> Increase productivity at work.

Module 3: Google products included in the training;
> Google My Business.
> Datally.
> FilesGo.
> Google Job Search.
> Google Adwords.
> GoogleGo.
> YoutubeGo.

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1. International Management & Business Program Overview

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2. Digital Marketing Skills Program Overview

Emiphas Muchangi_Digital Marketing Success Story
Testimonial Video: [Click Below To Watch]

Thamendrie Vermaak_Digital Marketing Success Story
Testimonial Video: [Click Below To Watch]

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Why TRAIN WITH Whitestone Skills

Reasons to Enrol

  • Style: The programs are carefully and professionally written in a friendly style to ensure that the contents are easy to understand and assimilate; they include a clear and concise introduction and cover a wide range of important and relevant topics, with careful explanation, clear detail and many illustrations.
  • Work & Employment matters:The practical, interesting and vocational manner in which the content is written and facilitated means that the ideas, concepts and knowledge can be put in to practice and implemented immediately at work (for learners already in employment).

  • Benefits & Outcomes: After training with Whitestone Skills, the learner should have competence to use and apply the knowledge gained in a range of relevant professional work activities and job situations; and should have the competence, confidence and ability to accept responsibility at work.
  • Development: Learners who train with Whitestone Skills will grow in ability and understanding, and will find the confidence to progress - if they need or wish - to study other related or relevant programs, and to progress onwards to higher learning and training abroad in one of our partner universities.

Our Portfolio


The world is now a global village, and what better way to expand your horizons than to be exposed to higher education in word class institutions abroad. Whitestone Skills has a dedicated team of experienced university guidance counselors who will work with you on your route to a top university education. The university guidance team supports each student through the entire university application process, including;

Guidance team support, includes;
I. Consultations and selecting of suitable universities that fit career goals and interests of students and their family.
II. Full assistance in evaluation of educational documents, legalization of documents, issuing cover letter and medical check-up forms.
III. Translations and submitting the documents to the universities.
IV. Identifying and securing scholarships and financial aid.
V. Visa Processing, preparation for entrance exams and pre-interview.
VI. Accompanying service at departure, communication with universities on regular basis.

University Placement Testimonials;

Partner Universities;

Financial Aid;

Whitestone Skills guides Africa’s top talent students on financial aid, making world-class higher education affordable to students from even the most disadvantaged backgrounds.
Financial aid includes any need or merit based full or partial scholarships, grants, student loans and work study funding offered to international students.


Whitestone Skills has created its own brand value in the Education sector. It spreads professional high-level skill training globally and aims to develop a world-class franchise model of professional education - a model that can be successfully replicated across nations to offer world-class training and education.

  • Franchising can help business owners find success faster. Franchise owners enjoy lower operating costs and lets them focus their energy and efforts on managing the business and adding value, rather than developing systems and working to secure partnerships with vendors. We epitomize vibrancy and sensitivity to the needs of all stakeholders.

    If you are an entrepreneur looking for business opportunities in the education and skill development sector or an established enterprise looking to enter or expand in the area of education and training, Whitestone Skills will be the perfect platform to achieve your business goals.

  • As a prospective Whitestone Skills Business Partner, you invest in a partnership perfectly suited to the current digital economy in the field of education and training. We promise you a dignified, solid base in the world’s fastest growing industry and the reward of bringing exciting new learning opportunities to your community and a proven business model.

  • 1. Brand Association, Sharing Goodwill and Modus Operandi.
    2. Industry-relevant substance & Intellectual Scholastic and Technology Techniques.
    3. Corporate Marketing support in terms of Integrated Marketing Communication Placement Cell for the support of students.
    4. Proven Business Model- We have a wealth of experience in not just developing the world's best training, but perfecting ways to sell, market and deliver it.
    5. Franchisee Training & Support- Extensive training resources including an intensive two-week new owner and manager program. Over time, share and acquire knowledge so you can quickly address any business challenge. You are not alone!
    6. World Class Content- Access to one of the largest libraries of course manuals, web and video-delivered content and practice exams at much lower costs.
    7. Learning Methods- Delivers across traditional and flexible classroom and virtual/e-learning methods, Mentored Learning.

  • Whitestone Skills offers two different Franchise models to suit needs of an entrepreneur or a business corporation interested to explore the opportunities in education sector. You may engage with Whitestone Skills to explore the mutual excellence and growth by leveraging our franchise models-

    1. Franchisee (Non-Exclusive Single Center License)

    A Franchisee or a retain center is allowed to run a single training center. It can offer Whitestone Skills academic and professional programs to students.
    This model is suitable for entrepreneurs or professionals who want to start their own education business. Become a Franchisee of Whitestone Skills to invest in a lucrative, risk free and high return business opportunity.

    2. Master Franchisee (Exclusive License For A Specified Region)

    Whitestone Skills appoints a master franchisee for a state, a single country and group of countries. Whitestone Skills master franchise rights are exclusively given to a very few select business groups or organizations and high net-worth individuals. To bring value to our master franchisee, Whitestone Skills equips them with vast product lines, multiple revenue streams and time-tested business model. Earnings from Licensing fee and Royalty. You will have strong role in making the Marketing strategy for your territory.

    1. Guidelines for center setup, interiors, labs, training equipment and software installations.
    2. Set of Training Resources Materials including colored program material, training kit etc.
    3. Trimester Examination/ Evaluation Guidelines along with sample set of program ware.
    4. Designs and layouts for advertising material and other promotional activities.
    5. Process details on the Academic delivery and Quality control.

    Whitestone Skills franchisee candidates should have a passion for delivering high quality professional training programs and helping local area businesses develop their people. However, prospective franchisee candidates should also have the financial stability to get the business off the ground and ensure that the location will be able to run despite potential obstacles. Franchisees’ initial investments may vary widely based on the territory size and location, the size of the first center, and the local market economics.
    Initial Franchise Fees: Initial Franchise Fees may be anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000. This is done after submitting franchisee enrollment form with Whitestone Skills and before signing the franchise agreement. Initial Franchise Fees are non-refundable. The initial agreement is for 5 years and could be renewed on mutual acceptance.
    In addition to franchise fees, there are up front expenses that franchisees must incur in order to open a Whitestone Skills location including rent, training for staff, and taxes on the property. Exterior signage will need to be purchased from local vendors. Furnishings, equipment, hardware, software, inventory, and supplies will all need to be purchased from local vendors before a franchise location can be opened. A local registration/approval from the Vocational Training/Workforce Development Authority under the Ministry of Education in the respective countries must be taken.

University placement - Student Recruitment Conference

University placement

Student Scholarships

Programmes - Internation Management & Business Programme

Group Discussion

Finance and Investment foundation

Broaden your knowledge



Foundation programme



Whitestone Skills has affiliated with reputable institutions around the world to bring in global standards of learning solutions. Through our strategic partnerships, we execute and facilitate selected skill development programs from our world class partner universities


Whitestone Skills Alumni


Countries Represented


In University Scholarships Aid Accepted


Internship & Job Placement Secured

Learn More About Whitestone Skills

View the frequently asked questions and their answers below them.

  • 1. YOU AND YOUR PERSONAL AIMS ARE WHAT MATTERS TO Whitestone Skills. You will receive personal and individual attention from Whitestone Skills. We will treat you as a mature person and will respect your goals and your aims; you will be a valued ‘Member’ of Whitestone Skills, and you can rely on our high-quality management, support and experience to help you to succeed and to achieve YOUR ambitions!

    2. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SUCCEED IS PROVIDED. Your Whitestone Skills Fee includes all of this: - your registration as a Member with Whitestone Skills; registration documents and invoice; your own high-quality, professionally written and produced International Study & Training Publications; a detailed and professional Study & Training Guide with instructions and advice on how best to study and to answer Assessments and Examinations.

    3. YOU ARE ABLE TO STUDY & TRAIN WHEREVER YOU ARE. When you enroll with Whitestone Skills you will be given access to our Learning management System and provided with your own professional Self Learning Materials and Study Guide. That means you can study wherever you are - in your own country, in your own region, in your own town or city, in your own house - or at your workplace, whilst you are travelling - anywhere! You do not need to travel to Whitestone Skills premises, centres or other locations - you have maximum flexibility to study wherever and whenever you wish to.

    4. YOU CAN ENROL AND START IMMEDIATELY. You can register and commence your Study & Training on ANY day of the year, whenever you are ready and able to do so; there are no set semesters, terms or registration dates. The first Study Modules can also be accessed on our Learning Management System through Whitestone Skills website or sent to you by email, so your study can start as soon as you enroll (your full Whitestone Skills Self Learning Materials will be sent to you rapidly by registered airmail post or courier).

    5. YOUR STUDY & TRAINING PERIOD IS FLEXIBLE. Depending upon the Study & Training program you enroll for, the actual time taken to complete your studies is flexible. With Whitestone Skills, YOUR circumstances and needs come first.

    6. YOU CAN RAPIDLY MASTER Whitestone Skills STUDY & TRAINING MANUALS/PUBLICATIONS. All the Study Materials are written by highly skilled and expert Writers, Tutors, Lecturers, Professors and leading Professionals from our world-class partner universities, and the contents and syllabi are carefully reviewed and regularly updated to ensure that you access industry relevant content and be able to rapidly progress. The expertly produced programs are specially written and developed to provide essential vocational, practical and relevant knowledge so that learners will be able to carry out job roles competently and efficiently. This is achieved because after studying with Whitestone Skills the learners will have the skills, ability and understanding to competently, efficiently and effectively carry out their work, tasks and jobs.

    7. BENEFITS: Students benefit from world class, dynamic, high caliber learning at their home country. Upon completion, the students are awarded exactly the same qualifications as those studying abroad. However, by studying in your home country, you enjoy substantial financial savings made on travel, accommodation, living costs and tuition fees compared to studying overseas. Studying with Whitestone Skills gives one a chance to access quality global education and training without leaving their home country, which is a great opportunity for students and the working class. We are confident that by improving access to global qualifications, we will give our learners a distinct advantage when entering the local and international job market and an opportunity to advance their careers.

    8. EMPLOYMENT. Whitestone Skills Study & Training is perfect if you are already employed; you do NOT need to give up work or take unpaid “study leave” to study. You can also put into practice at work the knowledge you gain as you study - many learners report that they are given promotions and more recognition even before they have gained their awards - because what they study with us allows them to improve their work enormously. And if you are not yet employed (or are looking for a new job or employment) then Whitestone Skills is YOUR rapid route to good jobs, promotions, entrepreneurship and top careers!

    9. ACCESS AND EQUALITY FOR ALL. Whitestone Skills is committed to its Equal Opportunity Policy and Special Needs Policy. All applicants and learners are treated equally regardless of age, gender, nationality, race, disability, religious or political views, social or economic background; nobody will be excluded from the opportunity to train and study with Whitestone Skills; nobody will be disadvantaged due to a disability or special needs.

    10. ADVICE AND ASSISTANCE. Before, during and after Studying & Training you may ask our experienced staff for advice on initial studies and career prospects, and on progressing to higher Study & Training with confidence. Our experienced and helpful staff can assist with special requests such as testimonials, attestations and recommendation letters if needed, and more. And there are many, many more reasons why you should choose Whitestone Skills to train and study with to achieve your career goals, training and educational ambitions.

  • Whitestone Skills guides Africa’s top talent students on financial aid, making world-class higher education affordable to students from even the most disadvantaged backgrounds. Financial aid includes any need or merit based full or partial scholarships, grants, student loans and work study funding offered to international students.

  • Whitestone Skills prioritizes the development of 21st century skills—things like self-leading, leading others, entrepreneurial thinking, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, managing complex projects, and communication. Most learning institutions hope that learners pick up some of these skills during their education. At Whitestone Skills, we intentionally and explicitly develop these skills in students through practice, on-the-job experience, coaching, and regular feedback.

    Whitestone Skills learners benefit from an innovative, individualized learning experience driven by seven key Meta Skills—the 21st-century skills and characteristics that top employers around the globe seek and that define leaders and entrepreneurs. This approach is designed to augment academic theory and provide you with the development you need to remain relevant in an ever-changing world.

    At Whitestone Skills, you’ll prepare for jobs that haven’t even been created yet.

  • LEADING OTHERS Today’s employers seek people who can take charge, define a project’s direction, and manage co-workers.

    Key Characteristics: • Empathy • Diversity • Relationship Building • Feedback • Collaboration

    ENTREPRENEURIAL THINKING Entrepreneurs see failure as a learning opportunity. They pursue their vision even through adversity. They use real-world experience for growth.

    Key Characteristics: • Systems Thinking • Identifying Opportunities • Human-centered Thinking • Creativity and Innovation • Continuous Iteration

    QUANTITATIVE REASONING Employers want quantifiable results. The ability to evaluate a situation’s data and determine the most effective and efficient way to approach it is crucial.

    Key Characteristics: • Data Contextualisation • Uncertainty and Modelling of the Real World • Empirical Research • Data-based Decision Making • Quantitative Problem Solving

    LEADING SELF Entrepreneurs see failure as a learning opportunity. They pursue their vision even through adversity. They use real-world experience for growth.

    Key Characteristics: • Self-awareness • Proactivity • Lifelong Values • Self-improvement • Self-regulation

    CRITICAL THINKING Today’s successful professionals don’t jump to conclusions or assume outcomes—they critically examine facts and carefully consider solutions.

    Key Characteristics: • Authentic Inquiry • Evidence/Research Analysis • Arguments and Judgement • Synthesis

    COMMUNICATION FOR IMPACT A deep understanding of your audience is just as important as what you say and how you say it.

    Key Characteristics: • Audience • Writing Process • Voice • Organising for Effective Communication • Storytelling and Presentation

    MANAGING COMPLEX TASKS The ability to look at a complex project from multiple perspectives is critical to success.

    Key Characteristics: • Scoping • Structuring • Planning • Coordination • Execution

  • Whitestone Skills goes above and beyond to provide you with a training like no other. We focus on giving you a holistic experience designed to make you a successful and better citizen of the world. Our approach to training is unique, relevant and engaging.

    We offer personalized training and learners benefit from an individualized, mission-driven method that’s just as effective and impactful as traditional ones. You can tailor your learning experience to your unique interests and passions with guidance from skilled mentors. You benefit from a sense of personal responsibility, confidence, and ability to direct your own learning—all traits that are important long after graduation. At Whitestone Skills, you “learn how to learn.”

    Our unique training and learning model puts you first. Drive the bulk of your learning experience individually and with your peers through engaging and meaningful activities.

    We have developed a Learning Cycle that helps students learn new skills and master concepts. This 4-part Learning Cycle incorporates the need to discover gaps in your knowledge and skillset, self-paced learning, peer learning (learners teaching and learning from each other) and facilitated group learning. Every stage of the Learning Cycle author into the classes you take.

    Realize what you don’t know and what you need to learn.
    Part of learning with a purpose is knowing what skills are needed to achieve your mission. Through a series of fun, engaging activities, each of your programs gives you an opportunity to discover important gaps in your skill set that you work towards developing.

    Learn at your own pace and in your own way.
    We recognize that not all students work the same way. In order for you to be most effective at mastering concepts, Whitestone Skills has created a space where you take ownership of your learning. Using Whitestone Skills’ own academic platform, you will take programs and work on assigned projects at your own time and pace.

    Learn from others who have learned it and can explain it to you.
    Learn by teaching. Work with your peers to exchange knowledge because the more you explain concepts to others, the better you understand them yourself. Peer Learning is an opportunity to learn from others who have a better grasp of concepts and can teach you.

    Apply and extend your learning to other contexts and wider problems.
    Put your learning into perspective by thinking about the applicability of your skills and knowledge. With a faculty facilitator, you will engage in lively class discussions about how to make your classroom experience relevant in the real world- how proposed solutions can solve global problems or help you achieve your mission.

    Our Learning Methods deliver the same comprehensive content—in online and traditional classroom settings, at your worksite, and self-paced with one-on-one support. Whitestone Skills delivers learning solutions to support learners and organizations as they adapt to key business transformation and technological advancements that drive the way organizations around the world differentiate themselves and thrive.

  • When it comes to online and distance learning, we provide the best. Whitestone Skills comes under a group which operates in various countries and has become leaders of online and distance learning education and training by providing quality learning keeping in mind the modern professional demands.

  • The methodology at Whitestone Skills supports the student individually to attain their goals by emerging approaches to coaching that influence, inspire and motivate them to learn.

    The staff here helps the students to widen their key skills along with their education in order to enhance their employability on completion of the programs. To make the online education a contended learning we follow latest trends & techniques which comprises of Self Learning Material, Learning Management System, PowerPoint Presentations and lot more. These modern techniques are readily available with us individually for each program along with a team of experienced faculty members to make e-learning an experience for our students.

  • All the students are provided with comprehensive Self Learning Material (SLM) at the beginning of every program. Renowned authors specially design the self-learning Material for each course of the curriculum, with the Industry oriented learning methodology in mind. Our study material is "self explanatory" and "self evaluating" (test papers, tasks etc. are available).

    Students can also find books references and online links for additional studies/reading. Each book provides a precise and complete knowledge of different topics. For understanding each unit, we need to first read the unit and then test student’s knowledge by performing the activities and solving the exercise questions provided at the end of the unit.

  • LMS is specially designed to impart a platform for students to learn at his/her own pace with a dedicated online instructor, a large group of fellow students, various online resources and a wide exposure to enjoy & enhance his/her computer skills as well as communication skills. Under “LMS” the following features are available on a cost that is optional to the students.
    • Content management system
    • Chat Learn at anyplace anytime with your mentor online
    • Notice Board
    • Digital Resources
    • Discussion Forum
    • Online Quizzes
    • Syllabus
    • Ticket based Helpdesk
    • Messaging System
    • Connect with your Social Network through Gmail, Facebook and Twitter etc
    • Dashboard for Students
    • To do Task Management
    • Assignments Management
    • Reporting tools

  • To make it easier and more convenient for a student to learn and understand we have designed specialized dictionaries individually for each and every subject.

    You can choose from a wide range of dictionaries as per your course requirement.

  • Keeping in mind the modern era of education we have designed the PowerPoint Presentations for our students which will make it easier for them to learn and memorize what they are learning.

    With an aim to improve the quality of teaching/training and to develop a sound and systematic knowledge base, Whitestone Skills provides specialized facility of PowerPoint slides for its students and faculties thus providing the knowledge on the respective topics in a concise manner.

  • Simulations are less complex than the situations they represent hence a student can easily learn through a replacement model for real world experience. It allows student to experiment with thoughts and results and eventually master the application of concepts to real circumstances.

  • In order to support indigenous learning efforts, we provide e-books which are analogous to the printed Self Learning Material. They are particularly useful as they are easy to store or carry. Students can search any information in the e-Book instead of turning page after page. They are digital boon for the students who prefer online study over printed material.

  • We provide features like self-assessment tests to aid students in creating awareness about the level of their knowledge and educational goals.

    Students can analyze & evaluate their learning & set goals for themselves by making use of our Self Assessment Tests. It will help them to set targets for themselves and will motivate them to accomplish more.

  • We use online assessment technique to make exams or assignments more flexible and competent so that our students can test their knowledge and get immediate feedback on their understanding.

  • Be calm and enjoy giving away exams! The online exams facilitate the students to appear for an exam at a predetermined time & place of their choice. You can check the demo & the list of online exam centres.

    At Whitestone Skills we provide you the ease of choosing your slots as per your comforts. You have the convenience to decide your own timetable and your own comfortable location across the globe.

  • We offer an online learning environment that allows instructors and students to communicate, interact, collaborate and explain ideas.

    Our virtual classroom enables students to access quality instructors anywhere on the planet so long as they both have reliable internet connection. Thereby breaking down most barriers to asynchronous learning.

    - Video conferencing Ability (so instructors and learners can see each other)
    - Audio Conferencing (so participants can hear each other)
    - Real time text chat
    - Interactive online whiteboard (so users can interact on the same online page)
    - Library of learning materials (essential for providing more structured lessons)
    - Teacher tools and controls( just like in a physical classroom)

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